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Medical Field Hospital System

  • Complete portable hospital system provides everything needed for up to 52 patients during an emergency situation. Includes 5 complete shelters with plenums and inner canopies meant to be either end to end or side by side. Includes all necessary equipment and supplies including water and electrical systems, patient beds and bedding, and trauma supplies.


  • Medical Field Hospital System Features include:
     F-20A100FTEXT-STL 100 ft Cords
    F-GH 50 ft Hose,
    F-GH25 25 ft Hose
    F-EMAT5T Combo AC/Air Heat/HEPA/UVGI Decon/Ozone Decon Systems
    F-EM397 Packs of 100 Waste Bags
    F-PMFS Continuous Clean HEPA/UVGI Air Filtration System
    F-SCSS7500-IS-24 Patient Shelters,
    F-SCSS3030-IS-ANT Anterooms,
    F-25H 2-1/2 in X 50 ft DJ Hose,
    F-7TMPHF-SHSK150 Suction Hose/Clamps/Strainer,
    F-AK300 Water Pressure Pump,
    F-ES56125 -1 Person Economy Showers with Water Heater,
    F-GGG168196 – 26K Watt Generators;
    F-5FGC Fuel Cans, (3) F-GH 50 ft 3/4 in Hose,
    F-GH25 – 25 ft Hose,
    F-HD150BTPW 150 gal Potable Water Bladder Tanks;
    F-SSINK Sinks,
    F-HD300BT 300 gal Dirty Water Bladder Tanks,
    F-MMU Multi-Unit Manifold,

Field Hospital

Online Pharmacy

CSHs provide essential care within an area of operations (AO) by treating and returning to duty patients who can be treated within the theater evacuation policy. It serves a critical function in stabilizing and evacuating those patients who require definitive, convalescent, and rehabilitative care at a Role 4, such as Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany or a stateside medical treatment facility.

The CSH capabilities include triage and emergency care, outpatient services, inpatient care, pharmacy, clinical laboratory, blood banking, radiology, physical therapy, medical logistics, operational dental care (emergency and essential dental care), oral and maxillofacial surgery, nutrition care, and patient administration services.



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