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High Hawaiians is the strongest magic truffle in our catalog, even stronger thatn Atlantis and Dragon’s Dynamite. In a small dose (5-10 grams) the will induce a happy and funny trip. In a higher dose (15-22 grams) the Dragon’s Dynamite will give a strong “ecstasy” trip with deep colours and is considered to be for experienced trippers only.



Magic Truffles High Hawaiians

Magic truffles High Hawaiians. Buy Fresh high Hawaiians Truffles UK. Fast delivery,  the Truffles come in 3.5g vacuum-sealed bags. Always store Magic Truffles in the fridge (2-4 °C) in closed (vacuum sealed) packaging. If stored in this way, you can keep the Truffles until the best before date. After breaking the vacuum seal, the Truffles can be preserved for up to 2 days without losing their potency.

Effects of  High Hawaiians

The active compounds in Magic Truffles are psilocin and psilocybin. Both compounds are easily absorbed in the human body and are responsible for the psychoactive effects of Magic Truffles. In low doses, eating Magic Truffles can induce giggly and stoned feelings.  It is still easy to communicate and you are still aware of your environment in this state. In higher doses, Magic Truffles transform reality and can cause hallucinations.

Magic Truffles Hawaiians USA

The first effects of Magic Truffles can be felt after 30 minutes (or sometimes even after 10 minutes) after consumption. These effects can include (but are not limited to) sweaty palms, sighing, cold shivers, a feeling of unrest, and nausea. As the effects intensify, the trip moves towards euphoria and happiness, but feelings of anxiety can occur as well. Visions, hallucinations, and deep connections to fellow psychonauts are possible effects.

In the first hour of your trip, you may experience feelings of nausea or sickness. This feeling usually passes as the effects of Magic Truffles intensify.

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What you will see and feel during a Magic Truffle trip greatly depends on your mindset and the setting of your trip. Your mental state in the days before your trip and the surroundings of the place where you trip directly influence your experiences. A busy and demanding week can result in a slightly anxious, stressful trip, but can also close the week with new insights and energy.

In sum, only use Magic Truffles if you feel mentally balanced and relaxed. Only take Magic Truffles in a familiar or quiet place, preferably with people you know and trust. There is nothing more frustrating than annoyance between people while you are tripping.

Dose Of High Hawaiians Truffles

High Hawaiian Truffles are known as very strong. They are only suitable for beginners in a lower dose.

  •  a microdose, take 0.2 – 0.5 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  • For a mild trip, take 5-7 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  •  a strong trip, take 10 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  • For an overwhelming trip, take 22 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
Use Of Magic Truffles

Eat Magic Truffles crude. For the best impacts, take on a vacant stomach. Ensure you eat your last feast at least 2-4 hours before your excursion. We prescribe avoiding juiced drinks. Bite the Truffles well; it causes the body to retain the psychoactive mixes and it helps against sickness. Try not too extravagant the flavor of Magic Truffles? Eat the Truffles with a small bunch of nuts, some tea, or in a soup to veil the flavor. Never heat up the truffles, this influences their power!


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