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Buy Etrebelle 200 IU Online

Etrebelle 200 IU is a new body filler based on the idea of ​​supplying PLA (poly D, L-lactide) microparticles by HA (sodium hyaluronate), not just physical supports under the skin, Etrebelle 200 improves the fundamental loss deficiency of volume through the restoration of collagen. It is effective in improving body wrinkles for 2-3 years, Etrebelle 200 has collagen formed slowly in the injection area, maintaining a natural volume over time. Etrebelle 200 is a very safe and non-toxic filler for the skin because it leaves the body in the form of H2O and CO2 after decomposition into lactic acid and glycogen by hydrolysis.

Ingredient: PLA 170mg + HA30mg
Injection needle: 21G-23G cannula.
Duration time: 24 months.

Buy Etrebelle 200 Online.


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