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Electronic mesotherapy gun Ex-demo DermoTherap electronic mesogen. Retail price $1800

Electronic mesotherapy gun aesthetic application, medical results. At TOSCANI we want both beauticians and doctors to work with our mesotherapy products and that’s why we’ve created the new TKN MesojectGun. A new efficient, accessible, safe, and simple device to deliver and increase the absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin by means of electroporation energy.

TKN MesojectGun is the only needle-free mesotherapy gun. It can be used on multiple parts of the body and allows a wide variety of active ingredients to be introduced into the skin.

How does it work?

Our new TKN MesojectGun uses the innovative EPM technology, a combination of electroporation energy and transdermal delivery using a special microchip tool. This microchip allows reversible microchannels to be created in the cutaneous barrier of the stratum corneum, improving the penetration of active ingredients in the different layers and structures of the epidermis.

But how? Electrical impulses generate these temporary hydrophilic channels in the lipid bilayers of the cell membranes and intercellular spaces. By means of a significant increase in electrical conductivity and tissue permeability, the desired penetration of active ingredients is achieved locally, non-invasively, Electronic mesotherapy gun and painlessly.

TKN MesojectGun comes with a MesoHair microchip, specially designed to treat the scalp, and a MesoSkin microchip to treat the rest of the body.

TKN MesojectGun has benefits for both the patient and the professional.

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