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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

Substance: Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Package: 5×1.5ml ampoules (75mg/1.5ml)



$95.00 Sales Tax

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Parabolin or Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate indicates the important ester based Trenbolone available in the market. Parabolin and Trenbolone acetate compounds are relatively similar with each other. The chief and only dissimilarity is the ester that is attached with both of them. Parabolin discharges Trenbolone in the body at an extremely gentler pace and it needs frequent dosing when paralleled to Trenbolone acetate. In this day and age, Parabolin is not suggested for any disease so large number users of this steroids are mainly body builders and athletes.

Effects of Parabolan

All the effects of Parabolin clearly signifies that it is a brilliant steroid for the cutting cycle. This does not mean that it is ineffective in bulking cycle. Parabolin is one of the few medications that works successfully in both the cutting and bulking cycle. It is more active in cutting cycle but it also works best in bulking cycle. The running of Trenbolone in the body increases the metabolism of the body to great extent which makes it tranquil for the body to burn more fat at much accelerated pace. It also encourages the growth of lean muscle mass in the body. Change in calorie intake is the main cause of achieving anticipated result of cutting or bulking up.

Side Effects

The chances of estrogen related side effects are pretty less but that does not mean that users would not experience any of the side effects. Some of the most common estrogenic side effects are condition of gynecomastia and water retention in the body. Taking proper and appropriate anti-estrogens like Nolvadex can avoid these estrogenic side effects. Parabolin is extremely androgenic in nature so the risk of androgenic side effects is also high. Some of the common androgen related side effects are loss of hair, facial and body acne and Virilization in females.


The suggested dosage of Parabolin lies between 200mg to 400mg in a week. This dose is very operative and can provide necessary results. The duration of cycle should not exceed 8-10 week period.

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