Fillderma lips (2×1ml)




Fillderma lips (2×1ml)

Mediderma Fillderma Lips Lip Volumizer 40002094 (10ml+10ml)


Fillderma Lips Lip Volumizer is a cosmetic treatment with a liposomal formulation to increase lip volume, fill wrinkles in the lip contour, and hydrate and outline the lips. Lips are firmer, more voluminous, smoother and better defined. Fillderma lips moisturizes, softens and protects lips from external aggressions.

Specific Treatment for Lips in 2 steps:

step 1 filler and step 2 regenerator, with synergistic action.

• Maximum penetration and diffusion of active ingredients.
• Active ingredients transported in nanosomes.
• Filling of the most difficult and deep wrinkles.
• Reconstruction of the skin from the inside.


Hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight, Hyaluronic acid of very low molecular weight, Urea, Fermented sweet black tea, Mimetic peptides, Centella asiatica, Niacinamide, Collagen


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