Androlic Tablets British Dispensary (50 Mg/tab) 100 Tabs, Price is Each Per Bottle!



Product: Androlic Tablets
Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Quantity: 50 mg/tablet
Pack: 100 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Oxymetholone



Androlic – this is often one among the foremost effective and strongest oral steroids, developed on the idea oksimetalona. it’s a powerful anabolic property promotes rapid growth and weight gain and muscle.


The steroid encompasses a powerful impact androgenic Androlic reception permits athletes in record time to attain an excellent benefit indicators of muscle mass and power. Athlete, taking these pills for 2 weeks will arise to 5-7 kilogram.

During this it implies that the athlete plenty of water collects, additionally to the muscle tissue, resulting in a fast increase in muscle mass and volume. Comments on the net testify to its high efficiency and quick results.

Androlic contributes to the attraction of water in muscle cells, resulting in larger accumulation of water within the course of the preparation. This steroid doesn’t provide qualitative growth of muscle tissue, and provides a strictly quantitative. however steroids “lubricates joints”, that is very important for athletes full of joint pain and dealing with significant weights.

It also helps increase the quantity of red blood cells, the muscles receive a lot of oxygen. Athletes who use Androlic fifty, felt an excellent surge of strength and don’t feel tired throughout workouts. Overtraining once taking these pills is excluded, because the substance creates the conditions for high physical regeneration.

oximetolona – – the active ingredient of the drug was developed by Syntex in 1960. The funds of those many times aside and re-released beneath different brands active substances.


At the beginning of the drug, sportsmen suggested daily indefinite quantity Androlic – fifty mg, that is critical to step by step increase. per week later, the dose ought to be accumulated by more or less doubly (100 mg). Tablets usually should be consumed during meals within the morning and evening. it’s reasonable to require the drugs in an quantity of one mg per one kilogram weight, or about one to three tablets fifty mg per day.

The maximum dose of three tablets is taken into account to be anabolic and receive four isn’t suggested even for knowledgeable athletes, because, judging by the comments old athletes, a high chance of serious side effects.

Athletes whose body isn’t a rumor familiar with steroids, is also within the third week of reception for the daily dose of one hundred fifty mg. identical pattern may be affixed to the athletes class of over a hundred kilogram.

Androlic high value offset by a tangible impact of the drug. However, it’s value memory that the course of steroids mustn’t exceed quite 3-4 weeks, as throughout the reception may be a fast saturation of the receptors. In general, you ought to not take quite eight weeks.

athletes sensible results are obtained, the mix of this drug with Sustanon or testosterone enanthate with the next transition to shorter esters and stanozolol. this mixture helps prevent muscle loss once completion of steroids. Parabolan combination helps achieve a major increase in muscle mass. this mixture, in turn, is very fashionable among professional athletes and allows them to attain high results.
these pills are typically combined with nandrolone decanoate. This package also can be used to build muscle quick. additionally, the reception and suggested Androlic fifty athletes full of diseases of the joints. it’s considerably not solely fluid accumulates within the muscle, however also increases the quantity of natural lubrication of joints.


The steroid is thought jointly of the most effective for athletes nowadays oral medicine. he’s very popular among athletes, who ought to increase electricity tariffs. it’s also commonly identified in physical exercise because it permits within the shortest time to create a large muscle mass.

If we tend to think about the Androlic review, we can} say that weight lifters believe that this drug irreplaceable and with their facilitate they’re able to bring home the bacon incredible results. Bodybuilders who take these pills, say a rush of blood to the muscles (perfect pumping in training), increasing performance and endurance.

Androlic various criticisms, testify that this drug – the best for the athletes, dieters and don’t wish to lose to achieve muscle mass. several athletes take it till the last week before the competition, and water retention within the body is removed by anti-estrogen agents and dehydration.

The use of those pills aren’t suggested for ladies since a high chance of facet effects within the style of maturation. Negative symptoms may be enclosed irreversible and cause baldness, deepening of the voice, the deterioration of the skin.

Androlic also can cause hair growth in girls within the face, legs and arms. the reason for these negative phenomena that he was too robust steroid preparation for the feminine body, but, despite this, some athletes carefully taken to attain unbelievable results.


Anabolic therapy in some cases will have a negative impact on the body. If you wish to shop for Androlic, you ought to understand that this steroid is one in all the foremost harmful medicine. it’s toxic to the liver, manifested in violation of their duties.

The wrong dose of Androlic fifty or prolonged use causes serious injury to later liver. facet effects of steroids also can surface in an exceedingly yellowing of the nails, eyes, hands and skin.
The active drug substance causes a major accumulation of fluid, which may cause a rise in pressure within the blood. He comments are proof that typically the reception causes headaches and nausea. In some cases, the rate of exchange, among different things, will cause hair loss and therefore the look of skin problem on the skin.

Contraindications to receive Androlic British Dragon are just like different oral steroids. it’s not possible to simply accept adolescents, pregnant girls, folks with heart disease, liver and excretory organ. it’s also contraindicated in patients with cancer, additionally to the older.

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