Amino-loges 30 pills – special amino acid complex for endurance athletes (3 blisters of 10, shipped without box)

1 pill contains: 125 mg L-Leucine
62,5 mg L-Ornithine
62,5 mg L-Isoleucine
62,5 mg L-Valine
62,5 mg L-Arginine
50 mg L-Cystine
50 mg L-Tyrosine
31,25 mg L-Lysine
31,25 mg L-Phenylalanine
31,25 mg L-Threonine
25 mg L-Histidine
12,5 mg L-Methionine
12,5 mg L-TryptophanOne amino-loges® pill contains <0,1 g carbohydrate

– Lactose-free
– Gluten-free
– no preservatives
– no artificial flavors
– no colorants
– doping free

amino-loges ® offers a useful special combination of essential amino acids to support stamina. It was developed especially for the endurance athlete and team sports.

The composition of amino-loges ®, with the support of [formula] Müller-Wohlfahrt was further optimized. This comes from many years of experience and knowledge of sports science and nutrition as well as the nutritional support of internationally successful football teams and individual athletes. amino-loges ® was developed to allow athletes in endurance sports and ball to help their performance.

amino-loges ® delayed physical and mental fatigue during prolonged stress and is similar in composition to the special needs of athletes. When you are taking about an hour before intense training sessions and competitions amino-loges ®, you will fulfill the increased nutritional requirements in the body with pinpoint accuracy.

amino-loges ® is regularly checked for doping at the Freedom Center for preventive doping research at the Sports University in Cologne. The resulting proven safe for athletes is reflected in the inclusion in the “Cologne List” again. The “Cologne List” is a collection of athletes dar. for safe food supplements
Why it is so special?
– Specially tailored to the needs of athletes mix.
– High-quality amino acids predominantly from plant sources.
– Neutral taste tablets, easy to take with and.
– Pinpoint accuracy in training and competition use.
– Contains no flavorings, colorings or preservatives.
– It is checked regularly for doping freedom.