Actovegin 5×5 Ml 200 Mg Box



Actovegin 5×5 millilitre ampoules for IV/IM use by Nycomed

200 mg/ 5ml active substance

description: Actovegin® is a protein-free product obtained from calf blood. Actovegin® has been in clinical use for over forty years. Actovegin® is suggested by hospital specialists and general practitioners in chosen European markets, Russia and therefore the CIS, China and South Korea. Actovegin® is offered as tablets, injections and infusions. Over-the-counter (OTC) formulations (cream, gel, ointment) are available.

Sports Performance: suspected to be utilized by athletes for injury repair, recovery and increased oxygen transport and delivery. Used as I.M. injections at website of injury almost like Prolotherapy techniques and for general recovery. Used as I.V. injection many hours pre-event for increased oxygen delivery/ uptake. side effects include lowered glucose levels and possible allergy.

Myths: ” Actovegin is race day EPO! ” False. Actovegin boosts O2 delivery and mitochondrial ATP. EPO boosts total O2 carrying capacity through haemoglobin increase.
Legality: IOC and WADA have illegal I.V. usage, however I.M., oral and topical is allowed. Actovegin isn’t FDA approved in USA. Actovegin created headlines in USA when Tiger Woods doctor Anthony plant organ was charged with smuggling and illegally providing Actovegin to skilled athletes.

Medical needs: Actovegin® is used in indications that include disturbances in cerebral circulation (e.g. cranio-cerebral traumas), peripheral blood flow (e.g. arterial angiopathy), skin graftings, burns, scalds, abrasions, wound-healing impairment, and radiation-induced skin and mucous membrane lesions (prophylaxis and therapy).

The drug Actovegin was at first authorised for intravenous use to enhance cellular oxygen transport to tissues in patients with arterial illness. As a gel or cream it’s also used to treat slow-healing skin lesions like burns or skin-grafted wounds. In recent years it’s gained notoriety for its use by elite cyclists as a performance-enhancing drug, with the consequence that the world Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has illegal its use in competition.

Actovegin could be a protein-free derivative of calf’s blood, made in electrolytes, trace parts and numerous organic elements. It improves tissue uptake and use of glucose and oxygen; therefore it may be used to improve the oxygenation and energy supply to muscles after injury. Patients receiving Actovegin injections resumed full sporting activity in a clinically important reduced timescale compared with placebo(5). Actovegin might therefore be used to accelerate the healing of muscle injuries acquired through trauma or overuse.

Therapeutic actions:

The activity of this drug is confirmed by measurement of the increased uptake and of the elevated utilization of glucose and oxygen. These 2 effects are coupled and that they result in a rise of the ATP-turnover and so in a bigger provision of energy within the cell. Actovegin® promotes the energy-dependent processes of the useful metabolism and of the conservation metabolism. a rise of the blood supply is seen as a secondary effect

Actovegin activates metabolism in tissues. It also decreases tissue’s hypoxia , improves trophicity and stimulates the method of regeneration. Actovegin will not only increase the intracellular content of glucose, however additionally improves oxidizing metabolism, so the energy of the cell is improved, the blood circulation in brain is additionally improved.

The drug is believed to own major endurance boosting advantages as well as being an aid to decrease recovery time from injuries and fatigued muscles. The drug has been utilized by sport groups and other sports groups that compete in international competitions like the Olympic Games. Nicknamed the “gas bus” by bicyclist and different athletes who normally use it, the drug is commonly mixed with lactic acid and caffein and injected the morning of competition. this mixture provides short, however robust increase in endurance and power output ability.

Actovegin contains only low mass organic compounds that are below 5000 daltons.

According to its pharmacologic effects, Actovegin may be attributed to the group antihypoxants and antioxidants. Anti-hypoxic action is related to increasing the consumption of oxygen by the tissues and decreasing the demand in oxygen by the cellular structure. Actovegin also helps to crease the resistance of cellular structures to hypoxia. This it its turn will increase the formation of high-energy phosphates in cellular structural and ends up in activation of oxidative phosphorylation enzymes. Actovegin stimulates carbohydrate and protein synthesis and disintegration of anaerobic glycolysis. the advance of blood flow within the microcirculatory system below the action of Actovegin is related to normalisation of endothelium-dependent reactions (vasodilatation) and decreasing peripheral vascular resistance.

Moreover, free-protein extract of calf bloods stimulates epithelium production of natural anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents that considerably helps reduce the chance of wall thrombosis.

Antioxidant result of Actovegin is related to the substances known as SOD still as Mg ions which increase the activity of glutathione synthetase. Another pharmacological result of Actovegin consists of improving the transport of glucose within the cells due to activation of its transporters (GluT) (via increasing of oligosacharides). The action of Actovegin is insulin-independent that is clinically important for patients with insulin-resistance.

The results of various studies show that Actovegin modulates the activity of intracellular glucose transport resulting in intensification of lypolysis.

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